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Welcome to the Scrum Coach Retreat Wiki.

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Retreat Theme

Sustaining Agility beyond the coaching engagement - helping build sustaining agile leadership, organizations and cultures.

Retreat Format

This coaching retreat was different from any other agile event to date. Unlike an agile coaching camp or Scrum Gathering where topics are quick and shallow, this retreat focused on getting real work accomplished through focused teams working deeply across multiple sessions - just like a Scrum team focused on delivering value through multiple sprints. Through this engagement, participants had an an opportunity to deeply engage and collaborate with other peer coaches and mentors. This retreat format was a first of its kind and was run as a pilot program from which we will be looking to spawn a number of Scrum Coaching Retreats in 2012 across the globe.

Retreat Schedule

The retreat consisted of pre-retreat discussion and collaboration of ideas to focus on during the retreat, pre-retreat coaching workshops to build coaching skills and competencies, a forming session where teams focused on creating goals for the retreat, and multiple working and sharing sessions where they focused on making progress in their learning and in production of a tangible result.



There is work underway to make resources more readily available, but for now these are some good sources of online content and reading material.

Retreat Feedback

We polled the participants in the retreat for their feedback. You can read about it here - Retreat Feedback

Proposed Gatherings

If you would like to host a Scrum Coaching Retreat list your interest here:



Contact Jade Meskill

Date Location Organizer Interested
Fall 2012 Chandler, AZ Jade Meskill Derek Neighbors, Clayton Lengel-Zigich, Roy van de Water, Chris Coneybeer, Drew LeSueur, Jennifer Borek
Fall 2013 (tentative) Southeast (Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC)?? Jennifer Borek TBD
Fall 2012 North East Bob Costello Agile as platform for organizational change
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