Agile Organizational Design

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Underlying Assumptions

  • Not Prescriptive (it is situational)
  • Relies on Agile Values & Processes

Problem Statement

  • An organization has expressed an interest in sustaining agility beyond the coaching engagement

An Agile Sustainability Roadmap

  • A company is made up of Culture, Systems, and Processes
    • Culture = Why does the organization exist?, Values and Mission. It is in the background.
    • Systems = How the work is done, Expressions of culture (i.e. org chart, pay structure, seating arrangements)
    • Processes = Provide the outcomes (i.e. Scrum teams, line workers)
  • How do you get to sustaining agility?
    • Examine the Culture, Systems, and Processes
    • Uncover misalignments that block Agility
    • Show example models that might give the organization an idea of how to change their systems
      • Mission is the Boss
    • Create an Agility Team that Creates and Accomplishes a 'Becoming Agile' Backlog to change the systems
  • As Scrum coaches we often start by changing processes
    • These changes are not sustainable because they are blocked by systems that do not support the updated processes

Agile Org Reading List

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